AI4ALL is excited to announce Emily Reid as CEO. Read more here.

Our Vision for AI

We’re Working for a Future Where Diverse Backgrounds, Perspectives, and Voices Unlock AI’s Potential to Benefit Humanity

How We’re Making This Vision Reality

  • We Build Skills

    Our students learn AI fundamentals, then apply them to solve the societal problems they see in deeply innovative ways.

  • We Open Doors

    We connect a global community of students with prominent researchers, institutions, and organizations, paving the way for them to build the most powerful network of all: Their own.

  • We Create Leaders

    We grow the inventors, pioneers, and visionaries who will ensure AI becomes a tool for social good.

The Change We’re Making Today

Through our Summer Programs, Open Learning program, Changemakers in AI program, and College Pathways initiative we’re already making an impact on the future of artificial intelligence. Our programs serve young people who belong to groups historically excluded from AI.

  • 90%

    Alumni feel part of a community in AI and computer science

  • 61%

    Alumni have started their own AI/CS projects

  • 87%

    Alumni feel the AI field could benefit from their perspective