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Changemakers in AI

A Lifelong Community of AI Leaders

About Changemakers in AI

Changemakers in AI is a community of AI4ALL-trained emerging AI talent. For participants, Changemakers in AI offers belonging and community, AI internship, mentorship, and research opportunities, college and career readiness support, and access to innovative content, workshops, collaborative projects, and speakers. For companies, Changemakers in AI offers opportunities to hire from a diverse community of leadership-track AI talent. 

How it Works

Students who successfully complete an AI4ALL Summer Program or AI4ALL College Pathways program are invited to join the Changemakers community at the end of their current program. Changemakers in AI is only open to people who have completed a Summer Program or College Pathways Apply AI program.

  • Who makes up the Changemakers community?

    Emerging AI leaders who:

    • Possess strong technical and critical reasoning skills that prepare them for the future of AI
    • Are trained with AI4ALL’s relevant, cutting-edge curriculum to approach AI with a societal impact lens
    • Are part of a global community of talent
    • Have a diverse range of interests and focus areas, including technology, policy, entrepreneurship, art,  ethics, and more
    • Identify with groups historically excluded from AI


  • Changemakers in AI offers:

    • Community and belonging for those interested in AI
    • Internship, mentorship, and research opportunities
    • College and career readiness support
    • Access to innovative content, workshops, collaborative projects, and speakers
    • Tailored programming to support where community members are in their AI journeys
    • Free lifetime access to the Changemakers in AI community

For Current Changemakers

Are you an existing member of the Changemakers in AI community? Join us on the exclusive Changemakers Connect platform to get more opportunities to develop your AI knowledge, your leadership skills, and your network.

For Others in the Field

Are you an AI practitioner, researcher, policymaker, or other professional interested in volunteering with or hiring from our community of emerging AI talent? Let us know! We’re seeking volunteers and employers who work in and around AI in a variety of ways.