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AI4ALL Open Learning creates curriculum, teacher resources, and professional development so that educators of any subject can increase access to AI education in their communities. The AI4ALL Open Learning curriculum is interdisciplinary and approachable for people without CS or math backgrounds.


You can preview the AI4ALL Open Learning curriculum below.

  • Curriculum aligns to:

    • NGSS Engineering standards
    • ISTE standards
    • Common Core ELA/Literacy standards
    • Also maps to CSTA standards
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Try a "Byte of AI"

  • AI & Drawing
    • Length: 1 hour
    • Skills/knowledge you'll gain: Understanding of what AI is, privacy and bias concerns
    • Description: A quick and fun way to become familiar with some core ideas of modern AI while playing with Google Quick, Draw
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  • AI & Facial Recognition
    • Length: 1 hour
    • Skills/knowledge you'll gain: Ethics
    • Description: A short deep dive into how facial recognition technology is used, some biases it has, and some ways companies, individuals, and the law are fighting against its use in surveillance
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  • AI & Deepfakes
    • Length: 1 hour
    • Skills/knowledge you'll gain: Critical thinking
    • Description: AI can create realistic-looking images and videos that were never actually filmed or taken as a photo. These images and videos are called deepfakes. This is a quick lesson requiring no background where students learn about deepfakes, as well as ways to verify information that they see
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  • AI & the Environment
    • Length: 1-2 hours
    • Skills/knowledge you'll gain: Conservation
    • Description: Learn how conservationists use AI image recognition to save time identifying how and where to protect endangered species. Build your own species-identifying AI system
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  • AI & Dance
    • Length: 1-4 hours
    • Skills/knowledge you'll gain: Movement, collaboration
    • Description: Students play with an AI that can react to their movement, and choreograph something that uses this tool. They can show off their choreography to the rest of the class
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  • AI & Ethics
    • Length: 10 hours
    • Skills/knowledge you'll gain: Human-centered design, ethics
    • Description: An interactive deep dive into the sort of ethical concerns that companies creating AI based systems should consider. Students explore these ideas through role-playing running their own companies and making ethical decisions for those companies
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Learn More About "How It Works"

  • How Neural Networks Work
    • Length: 2-4 hours
    • Pairs with: Everything
    • Description: An introductory hands-on deep dive into the technical details about how machines hold the information that they’ve learned. In the end, students will teach others what they have learned
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  • How GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) Work
    • Length: 2-4 hours
    • Pairs with: AI & Deepfakes
    • Description: GANs are often used when machines create new images or video content. This lesson explores how each work
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  • How CNNs (Convolutional Neural Netowrks) Work
    • Length: 2-4 hours
    • Pairs with: AI & The Environment, AI & Dance, AI & Facial Recognition
    • Background: How Neural Networks Work
    • Description: CNNs are used in many machine learning models that recognize images. This lesson explains how that works in a hands-on exploration
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  • How RNNs (Recurrent Neural Networks) + Transformers Work
    • Length: 2-4 hours
    • Pairs with: AI & Ethics, AI & Drawing
    • Background: How Neural Networks Work
    • Description: RNNs and Transformers are often used in Machine Learning models where order matters, particularly with words. Explore how they work in this lesson
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Professional Development

Open Learning provides customized professional development for our partner educators, as well as freely available lesson demos for many of our lessons online.

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Partnership Opportunities

For organizations focused serving AI4ALL’s target student audience, we offer partnerships to collaborate in expanding access to AI education. Current and past partnerships have included tailored curriculum support, professional development, support creating an AI summer camp, and more, all focused on increasing diversity, equity, access and inclusion in AI education.

For High School Students

Are you a high school student who is interested in learning about how AI can be used to solve problems you care about in an intensive 2- to 3-week summer session? Check out AI4ALL Summer Programs to learn on-campus and online from top AI researchers and peers from around the world.

For College/University Educators

Interested in creating pathways into artificial intelligence for college students who are undecided? Learn more about AI4ALL College Pathways, or nominate your university to participate.