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Open Learning

Bring AI Education to Your High School Students

Interdisciplinary, Approachable AI Curriculum

About AI4ALL Open Learning

AI4ALL Open Learning empowers high school educators of all subjects to bring AI education to their classrooms through a free, adaptable AI curriculum and educator resources.

AI is a powerful tool that is reshaping every field. Learn alongside your students about AI, its impacts, and how it can be used to address issues you and your students care about.

How it Works

AI4ALL Open Learning is designed to equip educators and community members to empower high school students with relevant and approachable AI education. The program can be incorporated into the classroom, a club, or a workshop and provides 80+ hours of free curriculum with facilitator guides. 

  • Who Should Participate?

    High Schoolers Including:

    • Indigenous, Black, Hispanic or Latinx, Pacific Islander, and Southeast Asian students
    • Trans and non-binary students; two-spirit students; cis women and girls
    • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, and queer students
    • Students with a demonstrated financial need (for example, students who qualify for free/reduced lunch)
    • Would-be first-generation college students

    No AI or computer science experience necessary.


    • Committed to inclusion
    • Interested in learning alongside students
    • Able to include program in a class, club, or workshop

    No AI or computer science experience necessary.

  • Students Will Learn:

    • What AI and Machine Learning are
    • Who some role models in AI are
    • The benefits and risks of AI and Machine Learning to the world and to themselves
    • How they can be involved in the world of AI and Machine Learning
  • All curriculum aligns with:

    • NGSS Engineering standards
    • ISTE standards
    • Common Core ELA/Literacy standards

    Also maps to CSTA standards.

For High School Students

Are you a high school student who is interested in learning about how AI can be used to solve problems you care about in an intensive 2- to 3-week summer session? Check out AI4ALL Summer Programs to learn on-campus and online from top AI researchers and peers from around the world.

For College/University Educators

Interested in creating pathways into artificial intelligence for college students who are undecided? Learn more about AI4ALL College Pathways, or nominate your university to participate.