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College Pathways

Chart a Course in AI

Consider a Career in AI

  • Fast-growing Field
  • Interdisciplinary Opportunities
  • Space to Make Impact

About College Pathways

AI4ALL College Pathways is a new initiative designed to spark interest and increase persistence in AI-related careers for undergraduate students who represent new voices in AI. The program offerings are co-hosted with universities and will connect participants with an approachable introduction to AI, internships, career-readiness resources, and a supportive on-campus peer community.

College Pathways Programs

Spark Interest in AI and Explore Career Paths

Build On-Campus Peer Community While Building a Portfolio

Get Connected With Internships

How it Works

College Pathways programs support students to become leaders in AI who have a social impact and ethics lens and who have experience applying AI to their own areas of interest–from healthcare to public policy to tech. AI4ALL works with university partners to launch College Pathways programs on campus, providing experiential learning and career-building opportunities complementary to AI coursework your university already offers.

  • Who Should Participate?

    Undergraduate students, particularly those who self-identify with one or more of these groups:

    • Indigenous, Black, Hispanic or Latinx, Pacific Islander, and Southeast Asian students
    • Trans women, non-binary people, and cis women
    • Low-income students (for example, students who receive financial aid)
    • First-generation college students
    • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer students


    • Demonstrated commitment to equity and inclusion
    • Interest in creating supportive pathways into and around your computer science and AI courses for students of color, women and non-binary people, low-income students, first-gen students, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer students
    • AI courses offered
    • AI research faculty on campus


  • Student Experience:

    • Get a hands-on introduction to computer science and AI
    • Learn about AI’s social and ethical impacts
    • Explore AI career pathways across a variety of fields
    • Build an AI project portfolio
    • Connect with peer community
    • Access AI internships

Program Rollout

In spring 2020, College Pathways piloted Discover AI at two universities. Discover AI is a program that connects college students who are considering multiple career paths with an approachable, inclusive introduction to AI. We plan to launch additional programs and take on more university partners in the future.

Bring AI4ALL College Pathways to Your Campus

Interested in creating pathways into artificial intelligence for college students who are undecided? Learn more about AI4ALL College Pathways, or nominate your university to participate.

Bring High School Students On-campus

Interested in launching an AI4ALL Summer Program for high school students at your university? Learn more about becoming an AI4ALL Summer Programs university partner.