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What is AI?

Learn About This Field That is Impacting Our World

  • The risks of AI

    Though AI can be used in positive ways, it’s important to note that it can also exclude or harm certain groups of people, especially when a diverse set of AI creators is not involved in developing the technology. Because AI can reflect the biases of the people creating it (sometimes without them even knowing), it is important to include a wide range of people and perspectives in the AI field. When AI is created by groups that reflect the world we live in, we believe AI solutions will be more innovative, more ethical, and will solve new problems.

Why should you learn about AI?

The field of AI has developed a set of tools you can use to make change, get creative, solve problems, and more. Bringing your unique perspective and lived experiences to the field, you can help use this powerful technology in positive and beneficial ways. There are a wide range of jobs you can have in AI. Here are just a few examples.


Ready to take a deeper dive into AI?

We run AI education programs for high school and college students. Read more about our Summer Programs, our Open Learning program, or our College Pathways initiative to learn which program is right for you.