A Forum for the Youth Perspective on the Future of AI

IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems High School Committee

Artificial intelligence will impact every industry and become incorporated into our daily lives. As we talk about the future of this disruptive and transformative technology, it is critical to include the voice of today's youth who represent society's future. The young people of today will be faced with the impact of the decisions we make about AI, and so having their perspectives, ideas, concerns and solutions will be critical for creating responsible and beneficial AI.

With this in mind, AI4ALL and IEEE have joined together to create a forum for the youth voice on AI. This committee is comprised of high school students and is led by IEEE members of the outreach committee and AI4ALL.

You can now read committee members' responses to IEEE's Ethically Aligned Design v2 (EAD v2) paper. High-school-age members' responses, highlighting their greatest hopes and fears for the future of AI, will be published alongside other responses to EAD v2.

Read the Paper Here

“AI has so many applications that will ultimately have the capacity to help virtually everyone, billions of people, so I’m excited to see it become more accessible and thus more impactful.” 

- Archika D., Student committee member

Committee Member Bios

Student members

Amélie B. is currently in tenth grade and lives in New York. She is a Stanford AI4ALL ’17 alumna, a Caroline D. Bradley Scholar, and a Johns Hopkins SET alumna. At Stanford AI4ALL, Amélie programmed a natural language processor that could potentially aid disaster relief. Amélie has also founded the New York chapter of EduSTEM, the AI4ALL alumna-led initiative to expose elementary schoolers to STEM. Additionally, in her work with New York’s Citizens' Committee for Children, she has approached numerous local congressmen and other government officials about improving after school and summer job employment opportunities for underprivileged teens, as well as increasing allocation of funding towards technology in schools and public libraries to mitigate educational disadvantages caused by lack of equal access to internet services and information. Amélie writes for the AI blog Allgirlithm, which features opportunities for women and girls to get involved in AI and highlights role models and emerging research in the field, and has won numerous Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, including a National Gold Medal and a National Best in Grade Award. At school, she has founded the UN Women and International Politics Clubs and is a member of the Model Congress, Model UN and debate teams as well as the Girls Who Code and Girls Learn International. When older, she plans to work in AI research.

Esther C. is a high school sophomore in California. She’s interested in Computer Science and Machine Learning, and is excited to be on the IEEE high school committee to learn more about AI + Ethics. Last summer, she attended Stanford AI4ALL (formerly SAILORS) and created a project which used Natural Language Processing to aid in disaster relief. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, badminton, and reading about AI.

Archika D. is a high school sophomore in Washington. Last year, Archika founded EduSTEM, a national initiative to promote STEM inclusivity and diversity among underrepresented youth. In just over a year, her programs have impacted over 250 youths in 5 cities across the nation. Archika is also the founder and president of Technology Student Association at her school and is involved in various other STEM clubs. Along with AI, Archika is also interested in biological research and writing. Last month, she presented her first prize scientific journalism project about artificial intelligence and its intersection with the biomedical field during the Northwest Biomedical Association for Research 2018 Gala. In her free time, she loves playing with dogs, playing softball, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Amanda H. is an AI4ALL alum.

Karina H. is a high school junior, a Stanford AI4ALL 2016 alumna, and the founder of LingHacks--the world’s first high school computational linguistics conference and hackathon. Fusing her fluency in five languages and her penchant for math, she was drawn to computational linguistics at AI4ALL, when she created a classifier that connected people to resources during natural disasters. Karina also enjoys math modeling, piano, ballet, and scientific and policy research.

Amy J. is a high school senior in California. She likes science research and is interested in developing computer vision applications to solve healthcare problems. At school, she serves as president of the Women in STEM Club and French National Honor Society and is Co-Editor-in-Chief of Horizon, her school’s student-published science research journal. In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin, dancing, and studying the ethics of science and technology.

Emily J. is a high school sophomore in California. She is passionate about technology and is the president and founder of an AI outreach club at her school. She is also an active member of several other STEM and community service clubs on campus and enjoys learning math and physics. In her free time, she likes to play violin and hang out with friends.

Ananya K. is a high school junior in California and a 2016 Stanford AI4ALL alumna. As the co-founder of creAIte, an AI+Art initiative that inspires middle-school and high-school girls in CS and AI through neural art, she organizes workshops that emphasize creativity as the core of technological innovation and promote inclusion in tech. Ananya is a 2017 and 2018 NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award Recipient and the lead high school liaison for Stanford’s Girls Teaching Girls to Code. In addition, she has been participating in scientific research since sixth grade and enjoys mentoring students in STEM at local middle schools. Ananya also serves as the sole student representative in her high school’s Innovation Committee, the president of the Environmental Club, and the Editor-in-Chief of her school newspaper, The Lancer. In her spare time, Ananya enjoys creating art, writing, rock climbing, and dancing.

Joanna L. is a high school sophomore in Arizona. Her interest in artificial intelligence was ignited when she attended Stanford AI4ALL in 2017, where she programmed a mini-autonomous car using Python. Afterwards, she started an AI Club at her school and co-founded an AI weblog and community, Allgirlithm, with the purpose of helping diversify the tech community. Joanna's hobbies include chess, ice-skating, table tennis, reading, and spending time with her little sister.

Aishani M. was first introduced to engineering through FIRST Robotics in the fourth grade and since then, had science and engineering play an active role in her life. She also volunteers at the Chabot Space and Science Center, where she teaches visitors about science concepts and aspects of the world. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, a pursuit she has engaged for over nine years now, and has attended several international dance festivals.

Isha P. is a high school junior in New York. She is a cofounder of CreAIte, a national organization that aims to inspire girls in the fields of AI and computer science through artistic and humanistic applications, a program for which she has been recognized by the National Center for Women in Information Technology. Isha is very passionate about AI and its incredible applications, and was the recipient of the 2018 MIT THINK Scholar award for her research in the field. Isha also enjoys playing the harp and listening to music.

Anika R. is a high school senior in California. She is interested in developing technology which serves a beneficial, social purpose, as well as studying the ethics and policy involved with implementing these innovations worldwide. An avid activist, Anika is co-founder of “Byte-Sized”, an organization that empowers girls to pursue computer science. She also loves building apps, competing in speech and debate tournaments, playing tennis, creating DIY-crafts, and traveling.​

Kat R. is an AI4ALL alum.

Lili S. is a high school junior in California. She enjoys mathematics and is an avid coder, and has won awards in competitions for both. She participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition on her all-girls team, the Space Cookies. She also is a figure skater, and enjoys piano, guitar, and photography.

Viansa S. is a high school sophomore in California. Her two main passions are bio-medicine and computer science. This is her second year on the robotics team; she is a component head this year, designing a mechanism which lifts a cube around 6 feet.  After Stanford AI4ALL 2017 she enjoyed staying involved in AI. For example, in an AI4ALL mentorship program, she is on a 3-person team programming an AI which ranks ambulance phone calls in order of importance.  In the future, she plans to study medicine and computer science and possibly work in biotechnology.

Abriella T. is an AI4ALL alum.

Kathy X. is a high school sophomore in California. She loves anything STEM-related and wants to inform others about the world of technology. She is especially interested in artificial intelligence due to her experience at Stanford AI4ALL. She enjoys working with technology. Aside from technology, Kathy enjoys debating, competition math, swimming, and playing instruments.

Committee chairs

Tess Posner is the CEO of AI4ALL,  where she works to make artificial intelligence more diverse and inclusive and to ensure that AI is developed responsibly. Before joining AI4ALL, she was Managing Director of TechHire, a national initiative launched out of the White House to increase diversity in the tech economy, where she oversaw the network of 72 cities, states and rural areas and 1300+ companies creating more inclusive education and hiring pathways. Tess’s work has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, TechCrunch, and Fast Company and funded by top national foundations and influencers including Melinda Gates, Jensen Huang, Capital One Foundation, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Autodesk and the Robin Hood Foundation.

Nicole Halmi is the project and marketing manager at AI4ALL, where she works to make artificial intelligence more diverse and inclusive and to ensure that AI is developed responsibly. Before AI4ALL, she was an early team member at Neon Labs. At Neon, Nicole led communications and marketing and additionally managed the development of AI-powered, patented video publishing products. Before Neon, Nicole worked with low-income young adults with developmental disabilities, supporting them to find meaningful work. Nicole received an A.B. from Brown University in Modern Culture and Media, where she focused on language and translation in the broader context of modern cultural and social formations. She has spoken about the need for diverse perspectives in AI at Teen Vogue Summit and the IBM Executive Forum for Senior Education Leadership.